About Solaiman

Solaiman is an entrepreneur, Consultant. who stop study at collage and started a business working from his parents apartment. 

Solaiman is an coach who helps entrepreneurs, individuals, Coach to stop Procrastination so they can take action to achieve their goals by keeping them accountable for their goals through my coaching program. He has helped many people to improve their productivity / building habits / stop procrastination as a result they accomplished their goals in less time. 

Solaiman clients are entrepreneurs, individuals, coach want to improve their productivity, consistency and discipline in work, building habits, grow their life and business & life to the next level.
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Quick summary of my Entrepreneurial journey

how I started helping people to overcome procrastination and adopt good habits.

At first I intended doing something on the internet, which could help to support me financially, so I started my first business with e-commerce, which required capital ( I didn’t have that much money to invest and I also needed a website). When I began to learn web design I realised that I was passionate about creating websites so I started my own web building business [which is why I still build websites occasionally].

Most of the time I procrastinated regarding my important tasks and I was addicted to social media, YouTube, Facebook, web surfing and other bad habits. In order to improve my business and personal life I needed to build behaviors that would help me achieve my goals (like reading books, exercise and to stop postponing tasks) because in this business I needed to learn the necessary skills, work hard, connect with more people and strive consistently to get new clients. I also needed to read a lot to improve my mind, self-esteem and to acquire knowledge.

I felt like something was holding me back and that I wasn’t in control so I decided to change my habits especially the way I procrastinated about everything. Now I have overcome this and changed my routine. People, just like me, are also struggling with the same problems and I feel that I can help them to overcome these issues. I did some research and I found that coaches/entrepreneurs were also facing the same challenges in their business and personal lives. That’s how I began helping people to stop procrastinating, get down to work and change their habits.

I help Coaches/Entrepreneurs to stop stalling and to change their routines by keeping them accountable for their actions. If you are facing similar problems (procrastination, bad habits, working inconsistently) let’s set up a quick discovery call. I would love to discuss these issues with you and help you to overcome them.